Monthly Archives: November 2014

Latest Artwork // Columbo + Elvis

Columbo & Elvis

This is a quick watercolour piece I painted for my friend’s birthday. She has two adorable sausage dogs, which I’ve met and dog sitted quite frequently.

I am up to my eyes in commissions. I’ve completed first one and I am currently working on both 2nd and last commissions and hope to finish them in a week, giving them plenty of time to dry.

I’ve posted off all Christmas card orders this afternoon! The post office man seemed surprised that I had so many parcels to post in one go!

I hope everything is good with you and that you are excited for Christmas. 44 days left!

Latest Artwork // Autumn Roses


If you know me well, I am always struggling to paint flowers. I love flowers and I want to paint them all the time but I couldn’t seem to nail it. I am still experimenting. Steering away from perfectionist me and instead of worrying too much about details and colours, I focussed on basic shapes and choice of colours I can see in the image of bunch of roses I had in my head.

It was indeed a challenge for me as I usually rely on images to achieve a painting I am happy with. I quite like the vivid colours of the roses, I chose those autumn palette on purpose when roses are usually in summery palette such as white, yellow, pink etc.

Although it is always hard for me to judge my own work, whether it is good or crap I thought the painting is very nice, probably the most fun flower picture I’ve ever painted.

I hope you like it too!