August 2014

Nikon D700

JK1_3232nikon D700, 35mm f/2

I finally upgraded my DSLR after months of researching and deciding which DSLR I should go for. I don’t have a lot of money so I needed to be 100% sure before spending.

I had Nikon D80, which was a really great camera for me as a beginner but now that I know more about photography and as always, keen to pursue a photography career, I wanted a better camera.

So I got the lovely second hand Nikon D700 from eBay. I was also eyeing on some Canon DSLRs (I enjoyed using Canon EOS Mark II on my trip to Columbia Road Flower Market) but it made more sense for me to buy a Nikon because I have three Nikkor lenses already and buying new Canon lenses as well as Canon DSLR would be too expensive.

This weekend, I’ve had an opportunity to test it and I LOVE it already. I am cat-sitting at the moment so when Remus got up from his morning nap and came to me asking for food, I grabbed a chance to take pictures but it turned out the 15 minutes long sweat-inducing exercise! Who knows photographing a cat is so hard!

I also hunted for wide lens, wider than my usual 50mm f/1.8 and snapped up an affordable Nikkor 35mm f/2 from eBay, again. It is absolutely a beautiful lens, very fast too.

I am very pleased with my D700 and new lens. I am excited to use it more, collecting memories.