June 2014

Washi Tapes

washi tapes

washi tapes hang art

Finding frames is never easy. I had a pile of artwork to hang but I couldn’t find right frames for them – they weren’t what I was looking for in size, colour, style or price tag. Having my second “studio” in my new place, I wanted to have something up on the wall front of me and for not too long, I stumbled across a photo from somewhere that the art were taped on the wall with washi tapes. Washi tapes! I knew about them but didn’t take any notice of what they are/do and I am kicking myself for that!

What are they? Washi tapes are basically coloured/decorative masking tapes. They don’t damage the surface of paper when removed so for me it is a perfect alternative for hanging art. There were many pretty ones and I had fun choosing them. I bought these washi tapes from washitapes.co.uk, found via Google and I was impressed that they arrived sooner than I expected.

I’d also like to use them up so if you know any fun projects, share away! I had seen a project of taping them around the plant pots, which looked delightful.

The hung artwork pictured above are two of my prints available on my shop – Vegetable Pattern and Toucan. Middle one is Be An Artist by Charlie Felgate and all the profits were donated to Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital – read the story here.

Do you have washi tapes and what do you use them for?

Introducing Aneurin




That handsome man is my boyfriend, Aneurin!

Last year we bumped into each other in Berlin after 7 long years. We went to the same boarding school but we never spoke, even the fact that he was in the same year as my older sister! They weren’t close due to their different means of communication – Aneurin was oral and knew a very little sign language while my sister was a full sign language user.

In Berlin, we got really well despite our differences of language but it helped that he knew a bit of sign language. I don’t speak very well but my lip pattern is quite clear.

He brought up that he worked in London (he commuted from Reading at that time) and asked whether I would be up to meeting for dinner when we return from our holidays. I thought he was just looking for a friendship when he was actually falling for me, and then before we actually met up few weeks later, my feelings for him blossomed when we emailed back and forth. I’d realised how super lovely he is and that we have very similar interests, value, and humour.

But what confirmed my feelings for him was when I suddenly got really nervous before our ‘first date’ in Soho and luckily our feelings for each other were mutual as we had our first kiss right outside Oxford Circus tube station at the end of the night.

How did you meet your partner? Nothing is TMI!





Latest Artwork // Kingfisher


Not feeling inspired, I went through my Inspiration folder (virtual) after a long time and found this lovely kingfisher picture. Personally, I think there are rooms for improvement – I painted too many layers that the painting looks heavy. I don’t know if this makes any sense!

Hopefully I will be feeling a lot more inspired tomorrow, if not, I’ll return to this magic Inspiration folder.

Do you keep a folder that gives you inspiration?

Covent Garden In Black + White

Remember my post about deaf photographers? I shared my photos from the photography gathering in Covent Garden but there were some more snaps in black and white film and since they were very pricey to develop (full time artist here!), I have just finally got them developed this week. I am very pleased with striking atmosphere in these photos.




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