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Latest Artwork // Fox

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I have been inspired to paint foxes by seeing a lot of them in my area, they come out and look for food at the night times. According to my mum, they make so much noise that sometimes keep her up all night. Thank goodness I am deaf!

Painting foxes are somehow difficult. I had painted severals and was never satisfied with them until yesterday, I challenged myself to paint them again and finally, I am rather happy with this one. But I will continue painting them, maybe the whole body or from the different angle next time.

If you look closely, I started with a very light layer and then add more. There’s a part on the forehead I’d like to improve on.

Edouard Martinet



I am in awe! These insects, birds and fish sculptures were carefully built with old parts found in the flea markets and car part sales by talented French artist, Edouard Martinet.

I found them in the mixture of beautiful and scary…wasp and ant ones especially freaks me out hence me not sharing pictures of them on here. But I thought they are pretty…the yellow on wasp and coppery red on ant are stunning. I am sure you can guess, I am quite phobia of them! You should see me with them, I just go crazy.

There are more details for each sculpture on Martinet’s site so you know where these parts come from and you will be even more amazed.

I would be very happy to have butterfly or beetle on my bookshelf. I think I even have an old part already on my bookshelf but it is not in insect shape, it is just one of old parts mum found from the family’s electricity business and it look extremely interesting.

Would you have one of them on your shelf?

P.S. Thanks guys for the birthday comments!

City Silhouettes By James Jasper

Jasper James City Silhouettes_1

Jasper James City Silhouettes_2

Saw this stunning photo series by China based photographer, Jasper James and thought it was too cool not to share! You can view more silhouette photos here.

There are more beautiful photos in his portfolio, especially the ones under people & place and fashion, which is amazing too. Lovely colours. Looking at his pictures, I now crave to travel the world and take a lot of pictures.

Do you like his photos too?