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Heather Mattoon

Heather Mattoon Cats in Clothes

After reading my post on Yago Partal’s animal series, Hollie from n’est-ce pas? blog kindly sent me a link of this adorable Cats in Clothes paintings by Heather Mattoon as she knew how much I love cats.

Mattoon started painting cats in clothes when she playfully painted Megan, her cat with a “sassy attitude” in stylish trench coat and enjoyed “discovering the unique personality of each cat.”

These paintings make me smile without a fail and I certainly can see their personalities from the canvases. And now I am tempted to paint all of my three cats in clothes, would be interesting to see what I dress them up in!

Thank you Hollie for sharing. To see more paintings, visit here.

What do you think and which one is your favourite? (Mine is Elise!)

John Tierney

John Tierney1

John Tierney2

How gorgeous are John Tierney’s paintings! He has been one of my favourite artists for a while. I especially love how he captured the buildings – the colour and texture are absolutely painted to perfection. Owning one of his artworks in the future will make me very happy.

Have a browse at his website for more work, there are loads!

Do you like his art?

New Cross

Nikon F4-3

Nikon F4-5

Nikon F4-6

Nikon F4-7

Nikon F4-8

Nikon F4-9

Nikon F4-13

Nikon F4-10

More photos from Nikon F4!

I visited New Cross in South East London and explored the area. Some surprises when you walk down the main road – cafes, vintage and antique shops. I went to Café Creme with my friend and had their yummy cappuncino. Their food looked delicious, I will come back and try out their food menu for sure but I’d remember to pick table next to the window because it was quite dark inside. Somehow there were quite few of random plant pots on the pavement, which added prettiness to the area!

Have you been to New Cross? Would you like to visit?


Nikon F4-2

Nikon F4-11

Nikon F4-1

I introduce you some lovely photos of my mother (after a long persuasion) and two of my three cats, Sapphy and Treacle from my Nikon F4 I impulsively bought on the other day for nearly £150 and totally not regretting it because I had been wanting a professional film camera for a long time and as far as I can tell, it is worthwhile.

I have way more photos to show but I thought it would be nice to spilt them up in two. The next one will be the grandeur of New Cross, the lovely area not far from where I live.

Stay tuned!