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Latest Commission // Philippa & Luke

Philippa and Luke commission

Here is my latest commission! The client of this commission gave this painting to her best friend as a birthday gift. I am very pleased with this piece and I really like the simple background with very light grey vignette to give it a little of character. Posting it off last week, I was very pleased to receive lovely messages from the client as well as the birthday boy how much they were loving this painting and going to put it up on their wall as they live together.

So if you’d like to commission me a painting – of yourself with your loved one, friends or family, contact me for the quote. Only 91 sleeps away from Christmas, hint hint ;)

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Watercolour Seahorse

framed watercolour seahorse blog

I posted off this lovely watercolour seahorse I painted last week. It got sold the minute I shared it on my Facebook page. While I usually sell artwork on its own, the buyer requested for white frame and I found one that go with this watercolour piece nicely. Since that, I’ve been pairing up the new frames with my pieces and will update my online shop soon with new products. I will make an announcement when the shop is ready again, it has been under the construction for a while now.

Are you liking my watercolour animals? You can commission me to paint one of your favourite animals/ pets or look back at my previous artwork that may be still for sale.

Watercolour Turtle

watercolour turtle art painting commission

Here is watercolour (with a little of acrylic) turtle I painted today. If you’d like a watercolour painting of your favourite animal or pet/s, you could commission me now in time for Christmas – they will be a great gift for your family and friends or treat yourself!

I love what I did on this piece – different shades of green and delicate lines for the wrinkles. I am hoping to paint more of something like this because I’ve really enjoyed painting animals for the last few months.

Will be catching up with all of your kind comments and fabulous blogs tomorrow. See you soon!