Monthly Archives: August 2013

Experimenting With My Art

At the start of my art practice, I was quite unadventurous- once my old university tutor pointed out that I was very skilled with oil paint, I stuck with it for years and never explored elsewhere. Because I wasn’t familiar with other mediums, I barely gave them a chance until late last year when I decided to challenge myself that I will experiment and practise with different mediums and subjects that are out of my comfort zone. Then I did it, my new skills has been uncovered. I never knew I could do anything other than just painting oil portraits.

For the last six weeks staying in Germany, I’ve had an opportunity to practise immensely on watercolour painting and I am finally getting a grasp of it. I would never thought I’d love using watercolour! I’ve also started using acrylic paint, charcoal pencil, colour pencil and linoleum print which were challenging but I will keep practising until I get there, where I can use them confidently. It is about learning how to use each medium in the best way possible. Stepping out of my comfort zone has opened more doors for me and my art business now that I have more varied portfolio.

I am thrilled knowing that when I return home on Monday, I will enter that lovely studio of mine with new skills on my hands. I will continue experimenting and practising because that way, I learn and develop more as an artist. I don’t know why it has taken me a long time to realise that. I always knew experimenting is a way to go but I just wasn’t courageous enough to try out something new and I am really glad that I was self aware about it and encouraged myself to be willing to experiment.

Here are my last two watercolour paintings –

Watercolour Bowing Owl Art

Watercolour Stag Art