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Holga Cat Camera

When I was packing for Germany last week, I was set to bring my digital Nikon for general photography throughout my stay and wanted to bring one of my film camera too but couldn’t decide which one. Then finally, since my suitcase turned out very heavy and I didn’t want to risk it to be over 15kg, I decided to bring the lightest film camera of all…Holga Cat Camera! It is brand new and needless to mention- cute, I received it couple of weeks all the way from Hong Kong. Apparently it makes the sound of meow when shooting. I brought two 35mm films for it- I would bring way more but I couldn’t spend for them anymore as well as paying to develop them, which are as expensive. That might explain why I’ve used digital more and more recently.

cat holga camera

I am excited to use it and at the same time, feeling a little shy taking it out and take photographs knowing that I might attract some attention because of its meowing sound. I just hope it is quiet!

Do you have this camera and is it any good?

Kelly Reemtsen


I applause Kelly Reemtsen- she creates truly beautiful paintings, using raised textures and dramatic lights as well as the fact she is able to stick with one fantastic topic- women with dangerous objects/ tools. The paintings immediately reminded me of Desperate Housewives because while watching the programme, there was always something that got me a bit uneasy and I had exactly the same feeling when examining the paintings.

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Germany Bound

So far in Germany has been good. On Saturday I went exploring the town and did food shopping to stock up the fridge. It was so peaceful here that I felt no stress, well apart from the pestering flies! They were well annoying when I visited the garden, which was full of pretty flowers and trees. Just back of the garden, there was literally a forest!

On Sunday, after the early morning run (the air is so so much purer than London’s that my stamina is a lot better here yay), I went up to the BBQ area and sadly failed to light up the BBQ to cook my cheese sausages (yes cheese in the sausages yum!). Cringe, I am no good with this sort of thing! Texting my sister for help, she sent me a specific instruction and fingers crossed I am able to light up next time I visit up there.


The studio is lovely! Sastifactory space with some useful stuff there (it is my sister’s studio, she was a jewellery art student and still make stuff) and I feel already comfortable with the space painting away!

Lately I’ve been admiring flowers and being here where there are lot of flowers, they has been inspiring me more than ever. Will be showing my art work later this week, otherwise like my facebook page to be updated.

My Summer Plans

I am off to Germany tomorrow morning and live there for the whole six weeks. I am feeling the excitement and nervousness at the same time- I get homesick sometimes but seeing I’ve visited there quite often, I am familiar with places there so I’ll be ok!

It will be such a great change of scenery. As I will continue working on my art business, it will be interesting to see what I will paint/draw because where I am going, Idar- Oberstein is an opposite where I live – South East London. I strongly suspect that there will be more nature paintings and photographs rather than people. You can follow (like) my Facebook art page to see the progress!

I will still blog on what I’ve been up to and probably with countless photographs! Currently in dilemma which film camera (I have 8!) to bring with my digital Nikon.