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Dirk Dzimirsky

dirk dzimirzy art pencil drawing realistic

When I stumbled across Dirk Dzimirsky‘s hyper-realistic works somewhere online, I was amazed and still am. The photo above is not a photograph but charcoal drawing. Faints. Using charcoal to draw faces, I’d make such a mess on the paper and waste the entirety of my paper purchases. It is especially awesome that Dzimirsky could draw water so perfectly and realistically. I’ve tried, practised and always found it extremely difficult to achieve. Not just water, he drew the hair perfectly too!

Details are important, I see it as the big part of my life being deaf and visual. I would say many of my art works are detailed and I get excited when I see beautifully detailed works from anywhere. It is safe to say that I am in love with his art.

Are you as amazed?

Borough Market

I had one of the best Fridays- a day out to Borough Market with my sister and mum. We were meant to go to the museum nearby after lunch but we lost the track of time with catch up lunch, maybe it was the wines? Who can’t say no to Merlot too! The market was stunning with various kinds of cheese, meat, fruits, vegetables and cakes- all fresh and delicious. Obviously and happily, there were lot of food samples we tried fair lot of cheese and some were very very strong that we tried so hard not to grimace front of the traders! I took my Nikon out and got in serious photographer mode.



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