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Keep your Curiousity Sacred

Oh Comely Magazine

I enjoy reading Company, Cosmopolitan, More and Look but they doesn’t inspire me as much as Oh Comely. I discovered Oh Comely by spotting it on the magazine rack of WHSmith last year- its simple cover with imperfectly handwritten brand name and intriguing storyline titles caught my eyes. Even though, it was priced four pounds – which was expensive compared to my usual magazine purchase – it didn’t stop me buying it and as soon as I began to read, it instantly became the best magazine in the whole wide world!

Every magazine has some great quirkiness to it, with many cute illustrations and to say my particular favourite- a two pages illustration of the sofa and objects that you would find under the sofa. It was funny and quite interactive in a way.

There are also numerous of photographs, all always very beautiful to look at.

The storylines included are random and fun, for instance, Oh Comely went to the park to explore the question: do dogs really look like their owners? And naturally took pictures of the owners and their dogs- I was really surprised to see that they were really alike!

As they say, “this magazine will make you smile”, they are so right- reading every page left me grinning from ear to ear. My mum saw how much I love the magazine and for my birthday last December, she bought me two years subscriptions and of course, I was soo happy!

Have you read it and if you haven’t, just pop in WHSmith or subscribe online and get inspired!