Monthly Archives: August 2012

Blonde Dip Dye

new hair dip dye 1

I’ve been bored with my dark brown hair and to make it fun, I dipped my ends with bleach yesterday. Thankfully it didn’t damage my hair that much, good on me following the recommended dyeing time and using large amount of deep conditioner!

I used highlighter bleach home dye box. I applied bleach on the ends and wrapped them with kitchen foil. Easy peasy.

I love it! What do you think?

First try on film photography

I’d just snapped the back cover back closed after discovering that the film strip hadn’t been rewinded in the cartridge successfully and that I had let the lights in, which evidently meant the exposed film inside was damaged. Yep, it happened to my first ever film photography experience.

I then frantically researched online for the solution in every forum I can find. It turned out that some frames might be fine, depending on how much light was let in. I had a hope still so I sent it to the lab (I removed it from the camera carefully and placed it in a light tight container in absolutely dark room) and to my relief-


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