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Latest Artwork // Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout Watercolour Painting Katrina Sophia

I painted this on the other day. Thank you, Fee for your suggestion! I love how colourful Rainbow trout is. Adding black spots were both fun and daunting (as to whether I was going to ruin the whole painting! But look like I didn’t. Right?).

Check out my mackerel and salmon painting if you haven’t yet.

Charity Shop Finds


As you may or may not know, we have moved! We have moved from Elephant & Castle to Lee Green. Moving in Lee means we now live a little further away from central but we pay the same cost of rent for much bigger place, which we are over the moon about. The house has two bedrooms and one of them with wood floor is now my studio! Aneurin’s commute to work (he is a web developer and works in Soho) is not too bad, he is just having to leave 15 minutes earlier than usual. We are also relieved that our new place is warm and well maintained, unlike our old flat – living there over the cold months was terrible.

Where we are living, are close to lot of things – train stations (four!!), parks, restaurants and town centres. On the other day, I checked out Eltham High Street for the first time and it was a nice town with surprisingly friendly people. I might be dreaming but I felt that people were friendler than those I’ve encountered in my old area.

There are three or four good charity shops and naturally I am pleased about them. I bought those lovely plates and espresso cups from one of them for only £4. I am big on thrifting – the minute I walk in one of those shops, I always find something beautiful AND cheap. Knowing that money is going to the charity is a big bonus!

Latest Artwork // Mackerel

mackeralI have had a lot of fun painting this, even though there are areas I would have done differently. While I like the blues, I want it to be on more lilac side and maybe more silvery.

When a piece I am painting is complicated than usual, I tend to accidentally use too much water or add too much layers that the paper – no matter how good quality/ expensive it is – warps a little and the paint applied sometimes looks dense (for the lack of a better word). That was what happened to the shadow area, but it looks fine scanned.

If you are wondering why I chose to paint mackerel, I eat this type the most out of all the fish out there. I love tinned mackerels, even though it stinks so bad! It is particularly yummy with salad.

I am surprised I could make fish look pretty! Let’s see if I will paint more. Check out my work in progress video of this watercolour piece.

Latest Artwork // Barn Owl

barn owl

After finishing my commission at the end of last week, I sat down on my desk aspiring to paint something I wanted to paint and I painted a barn owl.

Around that time, I’d discovered Hyperlaspe app and took an opportunity to try it out while I was working on the owl. Check them out here and here.

I realise I often keep my artwork to myself, will only share them with you if I am at least happy with them and now I want to challenge myself to share work in progress pictures, not knowing whether the piece will go well or not and maybe if I could muster up the courage, share the finished piece even though I don’t like it myself.