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BDA Youth Hollywood Ball


In November, I was hired to photograph a night event hosted by BDA Youth. The event was a Hollywood themed ball. Everybody were looking lovely all glammed up!

At the start of the night, I hopped in a hummer limo with 14 of attendees for an hour and then arriving the venue I photographed couples and friends on the red carpet before they went in the hall. I walked around and captured as much as I could at the rest of the night. The photobooth and dance floor were especially fun!

Here are some photos from the ball. Enjoy.

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Camberwell Arts Christmas Market

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My stall on Saturday was a massive success!

I sold much more than I expected. My christmas cards was a hit, all sold out in the first 1.5 hours. Along with my prints and cards, I included originals as well as framed ones thinking they wouldn’t sell but some of them did! I had to say goodbyes to Whale, Christmas Robin, RobinBowing Owl and Pineapple. There will be prints of Whale and Bowing Owl available on my shop soon and Pineapple print is available to buy now here.

I was happy and overwhelmed that I weeped in the restaurant afterwards. The support I had from Aneurin, my sister, mum and her partner were fantastic and my stall wouldn’t be successful without them. The amount of compliments and purchases from the visitors were unbelievable and the confidence I was struggling to build this year are growing at last. I am so grateful for the kind people out there.

Naturally, there were some communication barriers but it was not that bad with Aneurin there trying his hardest to interpret when he wasn’t even a professional. It was really sweet that some customers tried to sign thank you back to me when I signed thank you to them for buying my stuff.

I will definitely apply for more market events in 2015, even the markets that rejected my applications this year - I will not give up!

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New Stockist: Indiecana


I am excited to announce my new and first stockist – Indiecana! It is a brand new online lifestyle boutique, launching just last month. It is run by the lovely Daisy and because she believes in supporting small businesses, she stocks their handmade products on her new shop.

I am thrilled that she chose my Flamingo (which is my bestselling design to date!), Buck, Mallard, Bowing Owl and Toucan. It is nice to see my products somewhere else and I am looking for more stockists so if you are one reading this and like my products, get in touch!

Check out the lovely handmade items she have got on her shop and listed below are some of my favourites:

> Watermelon necklace | Onetenzeroseven
> Big Pebble tray | Sarah Hamilton Prints
> Penquins Christmas card | Nic Allan Art

It will make us very happy if you could support Indiecana by taking your time checking it out, spreading the word and follow this new online lifestyle boutique on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you!

In other news, I am having a stall in Camberwell Arts Christmas Market this Saturday! I will be selling both current and new prints as well as christmas cards, which to my delight is selling really well at the moment. If you are around, say hello and don’t worry if you don’t know sign language (new reader, I’m deaf and use sign language) because my mum and Aneurin will be around to interpret for me. I was considering to hire a BSL interpreter but since it costs money I thought I would first see how it goes with the help of my mum and Aneurin and whether I enjoy selling in a hearing environment. Wish me luck! 

P.S. I am running a month long “get 1 A5 print get 1 free” over at my shop, starting today. Just add two prints of your choice in the basket and the price of one will be deducted automatically. Because it is CHRISTMAS and my BIRTHDAY this month!

Atlas Addict + Other Things


I am thrilled that the film photographs I took in Majorca – Sóller to be specific – are now on Atlas Addict! Atlas Addict is an amazing website that provides “photographic travel guides that allow readers to explore the world and plan their trips visually”. I’ve also included a mini guide – must see and eat. If you could check it out and tell me what you think, it would make me happy!

Other thing:
> The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World – fascinating.
> I adore Nabhan Abdullatif’s clever illustrations.
> This DIY prom photobooth is awesome!
> I reeally want to take part of this Face-o-mat project.
> Artist Uses Sunlight And A Magnifying Glass To Create These Extraordinary Drawings – wow!

I’ve been stuck in my flat all week fighting my bad flu, which really sucked because I have so many things to do – the commissions to finish and christmas stall to prep, which is merely two weeks away. I would have dragged myself to the studio but with my photography job tomorrow night, I have to get better again otherwise I’ll be forced to cancel and let my client down massively, which I really don’t want to happen.

My cold seems to be improving today with dizziness gone so I am feeling positive about tomorrow even though I won’t be 100% better. GO ME. I am also looking forward to be able to go back to my work routine and continue painting commissions next week.

Please don’t think that I have lost interest in your blogs due to lack of comments/ replies from me – I just need to improve my schedule juggling! Any tips, do send them my way.

Have a fun weekend, you!

Columbo + Elvis

Columbo & Elvis

This is a quick watercolour piece I painted for my friend’s birthday. She has two adorable sausage dogs, which I’ve met and dog sitted quite frequently.

I am up to my eyes in commissions. I’ve completed first one and I am currently working on both 2nd and last commissions and hope to finish them in a week, giving them plenty of time to dry.

I’ve posted off all Christmas card orders this afternoon! The post office man seemed surprised that I had so many parcels to post in one go!

I hope everything is good with you and that you are excited for Christmas. 44 days left!

Autumn Roses


If you know me well, I am always struggling to paint flowers. I love flowers and I want to paint them all the time but I couldn’t seem to nail it. I am still experimenting. Steering away from perfectionist me and instead of worrying too much about details and colours, I focussed on basic shapes and choice of colours I can see in the image of bunch of roses I had in my head.

It was indeed a challenge for me as I usually rely on images to achieve a painting I am happy with. I quite like the vivid colours of the roses, I chose those autumn palette on purpose when roses are usually in summery palette such as white, yellow, pink etc.

Although it is always hard for me to judge my own work, whether it is good or crap I thought the painting is very nice, probably the most fun flower picture I’ve ever painted.

I hope you like it too!

Vintage Teacups Painting

Even though I don’t own any real vintage teacups, I have a thing for them. They always look so lovely and delicate. When my sister lived back in Germany, she had so many and I enjoyed drinking coffee out of them when I lived in her flat for a bit two summers ago.

When I decided to paint teacups, I set out to make them realistic but it ended up to be more playful style. I had a lovely feedback when I posted the picture on Instagram, which I really appreciate. There is a part of me that thinks I should paint these teacups more carefully and detailed as you might see too that there is lack of meaningful details I usually create in my artwork. Hey, I can always paint more!

What do you think?

P.S. Before I got busy with the christmas commissions, I’ve painted several of sweet original paintings and they will be up on my shop for sale – once I get around to photographing them properly. I hope you are as excited as I am!