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JK1_3438Nikon D700

Good morning!

I treated myself a bouquet of flowers yesterday afternoon after the week of working hard on my current commission in the studio back in Peckham. I’ve also got two more commissions to complete before Christmas too so my schedule for the next couple months is going to be really tight, if I predict correctly and I sadly had to turn down couple of commission queries. All three commissions are oil paintings, so they would take a lot of time to finish and especially dry.

I am always keeping myself busy with few quick commissions, projects and designing for future products but it has been a while that I get fully booked for few months. And I am not complaining! I am pleased that they chose me to paint something for them to give to their loved ones on Christmas Day! It is also nice to paint with oil for change and for a while.

The flowers are so pretty, aren’t they? I love the happy autumn-y colours in them. I got them from Lidl when I stopped by to get some butter croissants for this morning.

Later today, I am going to one of my best friends’ 26th and working on my personal project tomorrow.

Doing anything nice this weekend? Have a good one!

Embroidery Art + Other Things

embroidered-landscapes-art-ana-teresa-barboza-2Photo by Ana Teresa Barboza

This embroidery piece is amazing, right?! I love the idea of continuing embroidering outside the hoop and turning it a masterpiece of art. I thought that blending different shades of green in this landscape is cleverly executed. See more artwork here

Other things:
> I wouldn’t mind to have that awesome egg rug on my floor.
> Check out Blue Eggs and Tea‘s new shop! Her style and products are just lovely.
> I really want to try out this Autumn Sangria!
> I am absolutely loving these photos of skateboarding kitten.
> This ‘Camelflage’ photo project is so clever!

My week has been busy and will be for the next few weeks with two commissions to complete. Well, Christmas is approaching quite quickly. 10 weeks! If you missed the news, I am selling Christmas cards for the first time over at my shop!

How is your week? Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

Whale Paintings



Last week, I somehow got fascinated by whales. After reading about them and looking at the photos online, I picked up a paintbrush and painted them.

Then I remembered the time when I was little, I accidentally watched 1956 film called Moby Dick, which was pretty scary at that time. Even though I was scared, I was also amazed by the beauty of whales.

I plan to continue painting these beautiful creatures. Seeing them in real life would be awesome.

But this week, I am working on a commission where I am painting with black and white oil paints and I am excited. I absolutely love black and white paintings!

What are you inspired by currently?

New Business Cards


Yay, I’ve got a new business cards! My previous business card design has an old website address on it so I needed a new set to include in your orders and for anyone who asks for it, of course.

This hand lettered logo may or may not be an official logo. I am still pondering on the final design, knowing me it is going to be a while! But I am pretty happy with that for now.

The hand lettering was painted with watercolour and scanned and tidied up in the Photoshop.

When I began to design the back, I realised there were so many information squashing in such a small space where I included all my social medias I am on so I eventually decided just to put my Twitter handle along with my website, shop and email addresses.

Do you like my new business cards?

Christmas Cards 2014

Christmas Card Mince Pies Katrina Sophia

I launched my new Christmas cards last week! I am so excited to be selling Christmas cards for the first time, for the past few years I’ve thought about selling but I didn’t have a courage to do so. To be honest, I won’t be selling this year if it weren’t for Aneurin and my family’s support.

Despite the fact that I’ve used up a lot of materials and time designing my Christmas cards (lots of trial and error), I priced them very affordable and I don’t want my customers to pay for expensive cards on the top of their to-buy Christmas shopping!

Four cards of different designs in one pack is only five pounds! You can also buy larger packs of 12 (£12), 20 (£18) or 40 cards (£32).

Each design is professionally printed on 250gsm gesso A6 card and comes with kraft envelope as well as protective cellophane sleeve, as always.

I love the addition of hand lettered “Merry Christmas” and bows – they give a lovely festive feel to my designs!

I hope you like them!

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More Étrabonne Photos


I love the film I used, Kodak Gold 200, which produced such lovely colours in the photos. Don’t you agree? I wish I could have used this film more in the past. Now I know! I need to pay a visit to the photo shop and buy more of them soon.

My most favourite shot is the close up horse (third last picture). He was magically beautiful in real life.


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