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My New Business Card Design

Katrina Sophia's new business card design

With a new hand lettered logo and market event couple of weeks ago, it was time to order more business cards but this time there were few design changes – the logo and information at the back. I also added my Instagram handle now that I use Instagram as much as Twitter.

You can see my old business card design here. I much prefer my new design, especially the logo, which feel more “me” because it is closer to my actual handwriting. What does yours look like?

Made In Camberwell Arts Market // How My Stall Went

Camberwell Arts summer market Katrina Sophia_1

As you may or may not know, I was at Made In Camberwell Arts market last Saturday with a stall full of my products, including new collections and recipe cards!

Can you spot my new collections in the photo above? I painted a collection of big cats, which I was dead pleased about and had them printed on cards and prints. There was also a smaller collection of lollies that was nostalgic as you may recognise them from the ice cream vans you run up to every summer! As I thought that my Big Cats collection would be a biggest hit, I produced more cards and prints of it than anything else but on the day, my lolly cards turned out a massive success and I was kicking myself for not producing more cards or prints of them. I wasn’t too disappointed because Big Cats collection did sell quite well at the end but just not as well. I am constantly learning and it is damn exciting!

Flamingo and Bowing Owl were very popular too, as always!

I am really happy with how my stall looked – due to my new card display racks, my products was presented much better than my Christmas stall last year but there were still rooms for improvement. I like that I included my house plants to liven up my space!

Thanks to everyone who sent me words of encouragement, stopped by and bought my art products! I’d also like to thank Aneurin, my mum and her boyfriend for helping me out on the day and Camberwell Arts Festival staff for making me feel welcome.

I am photographing my new collections this week and they will be up on my shop very soon – keep your eyes open for their launch!

Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Watercolour Painting Plus



I am sharing my most used watercolour set today.

Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Watercolour Painting Plus contains 16 half pans, 3 watercolour tubes and there is an extra space for 3 more watercolour tubes if you wish to buy more and put them in. Like most of watercolour sets, it has a space for the paintbrush.

It is great size wise and also sturdy all around so I never need to be worried when I went out travelling with it in my bag. From the start, it was quite hard to open, which I got used to it later on but in some mornings, I struggled a bit. It is better that it is so secure though!

It is also very nice to paint with, you can go as saturated or as translucent as you want, however the few green pans (especially Sap Green, which its colour is actually pretty) are not as forgiving to use – for some reasons, they don’t seem to get saturated that easily. You will need to be patient and keep brushing the colour out with water.

I have been using Cotman’s about a year after upgrading from my old Reeves watercolour tin. Reeves is a great watercolour set for anyone wanting to get started with watercolour, it is very cheap and I still use it once in the while, although some of pans are run out. The colours you get from Reeves are lovely and saturated but can be beautifully translucent if you use enough water to dilute them.

Another great thing about this Cotman watercolour set is that their pans are replaceable whenever they run out and you can buy an individual half pan from pretty anywhere online or most of the art shops like Cowling & WilcoxHobby Craft, Cass Art etc. Removing the pans can be tricky, you might need a blunt scissor or the end of the paintbrush to get it out. And be careful!

A few examples of paintings painted with Cotman’s – MackeralBarn OwlWhalesColumbo + Elvis and Sandwich Illustrations for Tesco Food.

Are you a watercolour painter too?

Painted Bus Stops In Belarus

Painted Bus stops

Painted Bus Stops By Alexandra Soldatova 2

Bus stop

Belarus based photographer, Alexandra Soldatova searched for origins of the fact that people in her home country love when everything look neat, clean and beautiful, photographed those painted bus stops and named the project ‘It Must Be Beautiful’. The paintings were actually made through local authorities by unknown artists with “the only purpose to beautify empty landscape”.

I am totally fascinated with the photographs Soldatova took as well as the paintings – they are beautiful and it would be amazing to see them in the real life. The fact that they were painted by unknown artists make the project somehow mysterious too.

See more photographs of painted bus stops here.

Katrina Sophia Is 3!


The last 3 years have been quite a rollercoaster ride, especially in 2014 when I started selling cards and then a lot of great opportunities came. It has been a big, unpredictable journey and I am truly looking forward to continue developing my business.

// YEAR 1

I was very lucky with my situation when I started my business, my family was incredibly supportive and I already had a studio shed in the back garden filled with enough materials to get myself started. With no start up money, my business started slow with commission work.

// YEAR 2

My business was still pretty slow but I was still painting commissions and coming up with ideas. I also went to live in Germany for almost 2 months over the summer and painted every day. Later the year, I was able to get my illustrations printed on cards and started selling.

// YEAR 3

It was the year when it started to get busy. I got a new website and launched new collection of cards and prints. I also got commissioned by Tesco Food couple of times and five of my products got stocked by Indiecana. Over the festive months, I successfully sold my first ever Christmas cards, had a Christmas market stall and painted 4 commissions. Towards the end of year 3, I moved my business into a new studio in our new house (I have my super generous boyfriend to thank to for making it happen) and started working on new commissions.


Dividing my time between painting a commission and designing new collections, I am prepping for the market next month!

While I mostly focus on painting commissions and designing collections for sale, I have been doing some photography work on the side – I have had amazing opportunities in the past, such as photographing the wedding in France, behind the scenes fashion shoot and charity night events. As a keen photographer, I hope to have more opportunities like these in the future!

To celebrate, there are 8 new products up on the shop (check them out here) and everything on my shop is buy 1 get 1 free! Use code YAY3 at the checkout and you can use it anytime in the next two weeks.

Lastly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to my family, boyfriend, friends, customers, readers and supporters for your much appreciated support during my three year journey, which means so much to me that I feel like I could thank you forever!