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Off To Majorca!

seaphoto: death to the stock

I can’t wait to swim in the sea and feel the warm breeze against my face. I can’t wait to just relax. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love running my business, painting all the time but there are some stressful times and now is the point I need a little rest from it. I am excited to enjoy the holiday, take some pictures, relax with my boyfriend (and his parents) and return home with my head (and sketchbook of course) full of inspiration. I hope to start designing the next set of cards! Anything you’d see in the new designs, I’d be chuffed to hear from you. My shop will be still open and any orders placed today to 6th August will be shipped when I return. Every order will include some lovely surprise as a thank you for being patient.

While the blog will be quiet for a week (no time to organise scheduled posts, I’m truly sorry), there will be lots of photo heavy posts when I return to make up for it! I will also be sharing some stationery review, smoothie recipes and latest commission (which was equally exciting and challenging!)

Have a wonderful week, friends and lots of love.

Weeds In My Garden

I said I’d share photos of the weeds (which i thought is pretty!) in one of the posts last week, where I showed the pictures of my kitchen shelf and talked about my basil plant.






As of an image above, there are also some weeds in my front garden.

If I manage to deweed successfully, I will share the pictures- maybe after adding few plant pots if I can afford to buy them. A rough idea of how much they will be is over my head! I might need to pay my local B&Q a visit soon to have a nose around.

What do you have in your garden?

It’s Not Just Beer…

It’s M&S beer!

Before meeting Aneurin, I barely drank beers and usually opted for a glass of wine or vodka with coke, because I found them difficult to drink at that time. Aneurin is a beer connoisseur, enjoys most kind of beers, takes me to the pub and lets me to try his beer. From there, I was starting to like them and now most of the time I order beer!

But I do notice that I regularly choose Budweiser (which is my favourite), Peroni or San Miguel and rarely branch out. Anything new to me, I’d not try them in case I don’t like them.

Inspired by Mat from Buckets & Spades – after commenting on one of his beer review posts, he tweeted me “You should totally try out some new beers soon, just grab one you like the look of!” – I decided that next time I go out I’d choose something different, other than the usual Budweiser.

One night, Aneurin magically read my mind and brought home some beers from Marks & Spencer I’ve never tried…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Lincolnshire orange barley beer

Brewed exclusively for Marks & Spencer from the Batemans Brewery Wainfleet, Lincolnshire.

 “A blend of Lincolnshire barley beer & Seville orange peel.”

I was first disappointed with very bitter (for lack of a better word) after taste but once I got used to it, it turned out a rather yummy orange flavoured beer. The colour was also gorgeous.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Southwold Hibiscus Wheat Beer

Brewed exclusively for Marks & Spencer from the Adnams Brewery Southwold, Suffolk.

“An infusion of Southwold wheat beer & hibiscus flowers.”

This flowery beer is no doubt my favourite out of three. It was light, fruity (not too) and pleasurable to drink. I was skeptic at the first due to the addition of hibiscus flower but I was so wrong to judge! Yum. I want to drink this right now actually!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Belgian Cherry Wheat Beer

Brewed exclusively for Marks & Spencer from the Huyghe Brewery Melle, Flanders, Belgium.

“A blend of Belgian wheat beer & juice pressed from griotte cherries.”

Pouring it into a glass was such a pretty sight, it was bright raspberry red! It was very sweet, or maybe sour. I didn’t entirely enjoy it that halfway through I got fed up with overpowering cherry taste and gave the rest to Aneurin. I would have enjoyed it more if there was less of cherry juice or more of beer – it actually didn’t taste of beer at all.

Trying these different beers were so fun. I want to be still open minded and try more! Like Mat’s advice, I will just grab one I like the look of and try it right there! Not that difficult, right?

Now, tell me what is your favourite beer? Do you stick with the same beer regularly or branch out often?

Kitchen Shelf




I am very pleased with that basil plant, I’ve kept it alive for months while the label told me that it expires in three days from the day of purchase. It is now so tall that I worry it might bend anytime soon. will wrapping the stems together with string help? I love the smell of my hands after handling them and they give my fresh tomato sauce magic!

I’d love to grow more herbs (and flowers!) but I’ll need to deweed my garden first. I have bought some weed killer and some other essential garden stuff and I am dreading to start! Quite sad that I’ll have to kill them, they are actually quite pretty. I’ve taken photos of them as well and will be up on the next post, or the one after.

Do you grow herbs? Or flowers?

Artist In The Limelight: Eloise Georgia Mae

So glad to have Eloise as July’s Artist In The Limelight, she is a talented artist and fun blogger!

Hey Eloise! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well hi! My name is Eloise Georgia Mae, I am currently hanging out in little New Zealand finishing up my bachelors in visual arts soon to start my honours. I have 5 siblings and 2 dogs and 2 turtles. I’m better at talking than writing. When I’m not making art I spend my days with pruned hands teaching swimming.

Eloise Georgia Mae Artist In The Limelight 1

How did you become an artist?

I actually kind of fell into art, I’ve always been the creative child, the ‘bright child’ but it wasn’t until late in highschool that I realised I did have an inkling of talent and so I basically just walked into an art degree with one eye open.

Read More

Latest Paintings

Tomato HalfAvocado HalfBiscuitsSeahorse

Post title says it all – these are my latest paintings apart from hand lettering pieces, which was so fun experimenting! I am pleased that the seahorse is now sold. Biscuits on A4 is also for sale, if you wanna snap it up – get in touch!

You like?

P.S. While you are here, please give my Facebook Page a like and take note that I accept commissions – you get a unique piece for your home or as a perfect gift to your folks. Or just take a look at my shop where there are plenty of affordable cards and prints to buy! As for UK customers, you get FREE shipping throughout July.