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Latest Commission // George

Emily's commission

This was a commission I was working on last January. This was special to my client, Emily because the chap in the painting was her late grandad and it was gifted to her parents at the end.

In the photograph I was painting from, George was standing on a jetty at his favourite place. Emily asked me to paint the picture lighter and bluer than the photograph provided and I’d like to think I have achieved that well.

When her parents received it, I got a message from Emily saying –

“They absolutely love it. My mum cried and is still looking at it. They both said thank you very much. It’s a very special beautiful painting.”

I spent a month and half with this painting, drying time including and it had become quite special to me too. I am very honoured to be asked to paint such a special and sensitive portrait.

Zandra Rhodes’ Home + Studio




When I stumbled across this wonderful interior shots by The Selby, I had to share! This home and studio belongs to the fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes. I love that her home and studio is so fun, colourful and playful. While I usually enjoy simple and neutral spaces, I wouldn’t mind having a home like Zandra’s! I would love to be invited in and browse for hours.

Check out more photos of her home and studio here.






If you didn’t know already, I am a big fan of stationery. I collect notebooks. I have two and half drawers full of notebooks. I think I was influenced by my mum, all my life I have seen her loving notebooks and she’d have each notebook for recipes, dream house and so on. I remember that she had a box full of empty notebooks with the sign saying “Keep out” with funny drawing of skull and bone!

Pictured above are my newest notebooks:

> Set of three Babes & Hunks A6 notebooks by Chloe Hall Illustration
> A5 hand stitched notebook (Speckled Mustard) by Shedquarters
> Medium notebook (Cornflower) by Leuchtturm 1917
> Set of two 21cm x 13cm Volant Journal by Moleskine

This pen is a Livework brand (Snowgray).

I am not sure if I can bring myself to write in them, they are so pretty! Weirdly (or not?), I always feel my notebook is ruined when I write in it. But I do get over that feeling eventually. I have that notebook to scribble down recipes I found or invented, at the start I was annoyed with myself for ruining it and then I got over it – it is useful and I can’t live without it when I cook.

Latest Artwork // Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout Watercolour Painting Katrina Sophia

I painted this on the other day. Thank you, Fee for your suggestion! I love how colourful Rainbow trout is. Adding black spots were both fun and daunting (as to whether I was going to ruin the whole painting! But look like I didn’t. Right?).

Check out my mackerel and salmon painting if you haven’t yet.

Charity Shop Finds


As you may or may not know, we have moved! We have moved from Elephant & Castle to Lee Green. Moving in Lee means we now live a little further away from central but we pay the same cost of rent for much bigger place, which we are over the moon about. The house has two bedrooms and one of them with wood floor is now my studio! Aneurin’s commute to work (he is a web developer and works in Soho) is not too bad, he is just having to leave 15 minutes earlier than usual. We are also relieved that our new place is warm and well maintained, unlike our old flat – living there over the cold months was terrible.

Where we are living, are close to lot of things – train stations (four!!), parks, restaurants and town centres. On the other day, I checked out Eltham High Street for the first time and it was a nice town with surprisingly friendly people. I might be dreaming but I felt that people were friendler than those I’ve encountered in my old area.

There are three or four good charity shops and naturally I am pleased about them. I bought those lovely plates and espresso cups from one of them for only £4. I am big on thrifting – the minute I walk in one of those shops, I always find something beautiful AND cheap. Knowing that money is going to the charity is a big bonus!